Mommy and Me – Playlist Live

Every year I take my daughter on what we call a “mommy and me” adventure.  This started several years ago because I wanted her to have some spectacular experiences and memories of things we do together.  Things she would remember all her life.

This year we are going to Playlist Live for the weekend.  A YouTube convention of what I guess are famous people among the young people.  I don’t use YouTube much so I don’t even recognize the names of the people my daughter says she is so excited to meet.  But she is so exited and that is fun in itself even though I am somewhat dreading the throngs of teenagers, the noise and confusion.

Being a mom is something that I always wanted and that I enjoy.  I’m also good at it.  Not perfect but really good.  I say that with relief and gratitude.

And I love being that mom.  The one the other kids call mom.  Two of my daughters friends even admitted that they stalk me on the internet.  That’s funny.

But mommy and me time is special.  And we have done some incredible things.

The first year we did this she was 6 and we took a limo to NY and shopped, had a beautiful lunch at a place called “Alice’s Tea Cup” where they sprinkled her with fairy dust, put wings on her, we shopped and had an incredible time.  The next year we took a limo to Boston where we shopped, had a fancy dinner where they wrote princess in chocolate on her plate (she wore a tiara all day), and then went to the Boston Opera House to see Mary Poppins.  The kiddy spa weekend when she was 8 was also a riot.  We got mommy/daughter couples massages and it was so funny to hear her say “mommy you never told me about this” while she got a massage.  I could not help but wonder what muscles hurt in her little 8 year old body.

Now she gets to participate in the planning of these adventures and so we are going to Playlist Live.  She has been asking to go to this for 3 years and I have always said no.  But this time she started with “I know you are going to say no, but…”  So I just looked at her and said “ok”.  The look of shock and excitement on her face was fun to watch.  It made me realize that part of these days is teaching her that dreams can come true.  A little planning, a little footwork, and they can indeed come true.  I know this because she and her brother are my dreams come true.

But, oy, a YouTube convention.


2 thoughts on “Mommy and Me – Playlist Live

  1. I think what makes you a good mum is your sense of gratitude and joy for motherhood. Motherhood is a blessing but it can be challenging . I think you learn to be less inflexible with your expectations of being a perfect parent and accept that this is a trial and error period. Babies and children come with no manual. So you will need to adjust your parenting to their needs. Parenting is about unconditional love for your child and support through child friendly discipline free of verbal, emotional and psychological abuse. 👍blog!


  2. I think I have stopped having any specific expectations and have focused on loving them and receiving love from them. Someone told me that it is not so much that we don’t feel loved as children that is so damaging – it is that we don’t feel like our love is good enough for the other person. So I started to make a point to tell my children regularly that their love heals and sustains me. They light up like the sun every time. Then I started to realize just how true that statement is for me. The love I have for them takes many shapes – sharing, structure, limits, freedom, etc. But at the bottom of it I just want them to be happy and feel loved.


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