Parenting challenge – teaching the kids how to study.

Cat Stevens “Moonshadow” was playing today and I could not stop laughing.  Last year my daughter was in 6th grade and needed to learn about the moon phases.  She was struggling in school notwithstanding two tutors but she has a minor learning disability so we try different strategies.

For this moon phase studying I wanted to see if I could get her to learn off flash cards like I used to make when I was in school and wow was she resisting.  So I turned to a musical assist (the kids say I have a song for everything).  Every time she resisted studying or making her flash cards I would follow her around the house singing “I’m being followed by a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow.”  It drove her insane.  I also turned to Dark Side Of The Moon and Bad Moon Arising.  But mostly Cat Stevens.

She studied those flashcards like a boss just to get me to stop.  It was hysterical.  But after about ten days I was like when the heck is this test.  She had said it was in one week.  So I emailed her teacher who reported the great tragedy of this moon phase test.  It seemed that my daughter had already taken the test before we even began to study for it and had not done well.  She forgot she had taken the test.

But she really does know the moon phases now.

The struggle is real.

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